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The effect of Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear lenses are proven to reduce the hazardous UV and blue light of any light source.

Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear is unprecedented and unmatched by any other lenses ever produced before due to its DUAL NATURE in regulating the amount of transmitted light.

 With protective layers on both sides, Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear is easy to clean and has a prolonged lifespan. Equipped with the highest quality coatings, resistant to scratches, and proven to positively affect the health of our brains and bodies, Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear is a smart choice for those who care about smart products and healthy lifestyles.


Tesla Hyperlight Eyewear offers a better contrast and brighter colors due to its almost natural color reproduction. The unique lenses prevent glare from sunlight and any other form of light reflection, promoting eye relaxation and fatigue-free conditions.

1. Decrease the excessive amount of the overall energy (in sunlight), protecting the eyes, or

2. Increase the overall energy of desired wavelengths (in artificial depraved light sources) by transforming

hazardous wavelengths into optimal ones. This provides better vision, thus creating the Quantum

Hyperlight that is most optimal, favorable and healthy for the eye, and for the body’s harmonious and healthy processes.

"Snow blindness" among climbers (as well as electric welders and others) is an example. Overloading of the receptors of the ocular fundus with high-intensity light with a significant amount of ultraviolet radiation leads to depletion of their energy resources and loss of signal, which was supposed to inform the brain. This is the way to protect the most valuable organ from the excess of nerve impulses, from influence of pathological irradiation on neighboring areas, etc.

A person who is on the water on a bright sunny day is also exposed to rays reflected from the surface of the water. If we add the need for visual tension and multiply all of this by the length of the daylight, we will get evidence of the extremity of these conditions for the eyes of the sea worker. The result is accelerated wear out (aging) of the organs of vision, the risk of vascular disorders in the ocular fundus, disturbed circulation of intraocular fluid with transition to glaucoma, banal conjunctivitis, keratitis, and others. Has there been no protection so far?

Of course, there are various filters that prevent UV rays to a greater or lesser degree, which, according to logical assumptions, should protect the eye by glasses. However, for decades, the creators of such filters have not advanced further than purely physical absorption of UV radiation, often due to deterioration of the image quality.  Evidence of physiological efficacy and medical expediency for specific filters, as a rule, is missing.  And for the user, especially the beautiful part of it, the most important indicators were the shades of filters and the shape of the frame. Now, the problem is solved.




Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses provide active hyperlight therapy that maintains, strengthens and revitalizes the wearer on a quantum level.

Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses protect against the harmful rays of artificial lighting, sunlight and light emitted by electronic devices, and particularly their combined effects, to which we are inevitably exposed around the clock.

Quantum hyperlight is created by passing light through the Quantum Hyperlight Optic® lens, which positively affects both vision and brain function. This contributes to the general improvement of the wearer’s physical and mental health, thereby optimizing their daily functioning.

  • Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses enhance concentration, attention and memory
  • Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses increase productivity and efficiency
  • Hyperlight Eyewear  Glasses induce faster and better decision-making
  • Hyperlight Eyewear  Glasses support optimal mental performance during intense mental overloads

Who will benefit from Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses, When and Where ?

Everyone who cares about themselves and works hard and lives an active lifestyle: you, students, pupils, policemen, professors, pilots, soldiers, drivers (professional and amateur), athletes, politicians and parliamentarians, etc. All of us who are exposed, on a daily basis, to dangerous radiation of sunlight, as well as artificial lighting indoors (house, work, school, concerts, shopping centres, etc.).

Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses represent a unique solution to improve both vision and brain functions, because they block harmful radiation and simultaneously convert it into an optimum range of quantum hyperlight that reflects an ideal symmetry that is identical to biological structures.

Hyperlight Eyewear Glasses will help you become more vital, healthier and more successful.