Fullerene Filter & Zepter Bioptron YouTHron® /MedAll® COMBO SET

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  •     1 - Bioptron YouTHron®
  •     1 - Fullerene Filter
  •     1 - Lumia Therapy 2023 Manual
  •     1 - Oxy-Sterile Spray

Zepter scientists have created a new filter.  The filter is made out of Fullerene, a molecule formed of 60 carbon atoms (C60).  It is the third naturally stable form of carbon, the first two being graphite and diamond.  About 97% of the human body is made out of six elements – carbon being one of them.

Fullerene filters are capable of "hyper-polarizing" Bioptron’s already polarized light making it compatible with biological structures.  Hyperpolarized light communicates with molecules, cells and tissues of our body and transfers its ideal harmony of C60 and its energetic state initiating the equilibrium in energetically disturbed biological structures and processes.

What started as an astrochemistry project with focus on analyzing the makeup of space and celestial bodies in the universe, ended up sparking a major breakthrough in carbon chemistry with the discovery of a third and unprecedented new allotropic form of elemental carbon in nature: the fascinating Fullerene C60 arranged in a pattern of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons with the icosahedral symmetry (the other two forms of carbon in nature are graphite and diamond).

The BIOPTRON medical Hyperpolarized light – HPL (harmonized light with perfectly ordered photons) is a unique revolutionary feature in healing light technology, introducing extraordinary molecule: Fullerene C60.

This serendipitous discovery of C60 awarded in 1996 with the Nobel Prize in chemistry, triggered a new field of research introducing the world to new symmetric nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology and nanomedicine: the studies led scientists and engineers to think of the multiple applications that the C60 could contribute (e.g. new cancer treatments, lightweight batteries, powerful rocket fuels, just to state a few examples).

Inspired by the energetic healing properties of this Fullerene molecule and understanding the biology of life, we at Zepter have created and patented a Fullerene Nanophotonic Filter capable of producing totally new revolutionary BIOPTRON hyperpolarized light technology. Our nanophotonic filter acts as a generator which transforms the existing BIOPTRON vertical linearly polarized light into a invented form of ordered structured hyperharmonized light which greatly positively influences our body.

The hyperharmonized structured light interacts with structured matter that shares the same properties of symmetry: HPL transfers the energetic state of ideal harmony of C60 into the body inducing harmonization and equilibrium in energetically disturbed biological structures; accelerating natural healing and regenerative processes. The often quoted saying that “nature loves symmetry” reaffirms this idea: in nature, the resonance interaction occurs if two entities possess similar symmetries; the more harmonized entity (such as HPL) will prevail and will impose its symmetry on the other entity (bio-structures); restoring the disturbed symmetry properties in biological structures and biomolecules (biomolecules absorb energy that results from the electrical and magnetic characteristics of hyperharmonized photons). In effect, under the influence of BIOPTRON hyperpolarized light, the cell is stimulated to heal itself, regaining its natural equilibrium and it’s energetic properties.



YouTHron® - The American Version of the Bioptron MedAll

The long awaited successor to our all time best seller, the Bioptron Compact III.  The YouTHron® was designed to bring hand-held Bioptron devices to the next level, taking into account customer feedback from over 10 years of Compact III production.  This USA market version of the internationally available Bioptron MedAll introduces several fantastic improvements over its predecessor:
-50% increase in the area of coverage
-Digital timer controls
-Improved housing design
-Unmatched 5-Year Warranty on all Bioptron parts / 2 Year Warranty on the bulb


& FREE Lumia Science 36 page manual



BIOPTRON MedAll is designed for use at home, in hospitals and in therapeutic centers.  The device is easy to handle and is equipped with a convenient timer that beeps every two minutes.  The device comes in a handy plastic case for smart storage and transport.  The filter diameter of BIOPTRON MedAll is approx. 5 cm.
The best 36 page manual with tips for using all of the Bioptrons.


* Usage Applications

* 58 indications for Bioptron Light Therapy

* Color Energy Charts

* The MegaBodyLight and how to use it


Now you can increase all the education and experience you have and start providing LUMIA THERAPY to all.



Bioptron treatment may encourage positive changes in one's complexion. The skin exudes a glowing radiance, feels smoother, and looks healthier after using BIOPTRON Light.

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is a worldwide patented light therapy medical device with a specific optical unit emitting light that is similar to the part of the electromagnetic spectrum produced naturally by the sun but with no UV radiation. Being a natural pure product it is compatible with any cosmetic treatment you may be using, while enhancing it's effect.

The BIOPTRON Colour Therapy provides well-being for health-conscious people.  Using the SEVEN colours of the spectrum, BIOPTRON Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body's energy centres and also to help stimulate our body's own healing process. BIOPTRON uses Lumia Therapy colour to re-balance our energy centres that have become depleted of energy.

Cosmetic Light Treatment system, a revolutionary skin care device for the daily beauty care.  Small hand-held lamp with carrying case included.

Polarized Light- Whenever we change a beam of light waves so that many of the waves are vibrating in the same direction, we have 'polarized' the light beam.

Filter diameter approx. 5 cm
Power supply 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 0.29-0.12A
Light Intensity min. 10.000 lux
Weight without Stand 0.5 kg
Weight with Stand 2.1 kg
Energy Consumption in sleep mode ≤ 0.3 W

Ambient temperatures

- Operation +10°C to +40°C
- Storage +5°C to + 45°C
Wavelength 480-3400 nm
Degree of polarization >95% (590-1550 nm)
Specific power density av. 40 mW/cm2
Light energy per minute av. 2.4 J/cm2
CE labeling

The Bioptron Lamp will internally convert 110V or 220V power automatically.
Just use the proper adapter for your particular country.


(Floor Stand is sold separately)



BIOPTRON MedAll comes with a floor stand that allows convenient positioning to meet all individual needs.

Main features:
  • Absolutely safe
  • Easy to move
  • Highly comfortable for a relaxing treatment
  • Snap-in security system
  • Flexible as it reaches all body areas
  • Consumer-friendly assembly and adjustment



(Colour Therapy is sold separately)

YouTHron® Colour Therapy Set

The BIOPTRON Color Therapy Set consists of 7 colored filters and 3 bio-informed cosmetic therapeutic products which work together to enhance any color light therapy session.
The seven colored filters are available in: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo.  They are hand-made in French factory & enriched during the production process with bio-information. Besides being handmade, the filters are enriched with bio-information*.  Using biophysical methods and devices, the Zurich-based institute for Bio-information has been developing highly structured regenerative information patterns for years.  These patterns are obtained from plants, precious stones, metals, minerals, trace elements as well as inert gases, fermenting substances and more.

* The Indigo filter is not bio-informed.



(Included with purchase-$22.95 value)
On its own, Oxy-Sterile Spray™ can be used whenever you want to refresh and vitalize the skin. Combined with other cosmetic products, it can be used to complete the facial cleansing and as a finishing touch to the daily skin care. Subtlest dispersion of the spray also allows the use over make up for fixation.

Oxy-Sterile Spray™ is suitable not only for the face but for the entire body. Simply spray a thin layer Oxy-Sterile Spray™ on the skin. Do not wipe or pat dry, but let it dry by itself.

Oxy-Sterile Spray™ is a natural and unique skin care product formulated to provide our human skin with hydration and vitality. Our skin needs oxygen and water to stay healthy. In the process of ageing our skin vitality depends increasingly on sufficient supply of oxygen and water. A lack of oxygen can result in a change of the skin's metabolism causing the skin respiration to slow down, what finally can cause premature skin ageing. Oxy-Sterile Spray™ can help your skin to look healthier and more beautiful.