Lumia Therapy Techniques Specialist Training


Just imagine what your were thinking when you first discovered you wanted to know all about color and light therapy.  Now imagine how it was for you when you discovered you wanted to offer Lumia Therapy to others.

Now you can utilize all the education and experience you have and start providing color and light therapy, or as it is now known as LUMIA THERAPY to all.

Just think of the difference you will make.  We can train you and your organization as a “LUMIA THERAPY TECHNIQUES SPECIALISTS” and/or “LUMIA THERAPY TECHNIQUES CENTERS”.

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Our goal is to train you
with the information you need and want.  Your course will be tailored
specifically to your personal interview with Zhanna Osminina, Lumia Therapy
Staff Trainer .


Here is the next course:
SESSION 1 (March 25, 2017)

What Is Lumia Science
– Using electromagnetic spectrum
– Ancient knowledge and modern scientific discoveries go hand-in-hand

Lumia Science Techniques
– How does it work
– Why does it work
– What equipment can be used

Color Theory Transitioning to Color Practice
– Colors of the visible spectrum and their meanings
– Ways to apply color vibrations to balance energy
– Keys to healing with color / Complementary Pairs

Basic Understanding Of Human Energy System
– Electromagnetic spectrum in the body / Chakras
– Energy Bio-field / Aura
– Glands and their connection to the chakras

SESSION 2 ( April 1, 2017)

Lumia Science Techniques
– Using Lumia equipment to balance energy system
– What colors to use, when, for how long and how often
– MegaBodyLight Review
– Using Bioptron with color filters

Incorporating Lumia Science Techniques Into An Existing Business Or

– Enhancement of Services
– Additional Income Opportunities

Lumia Certification Test Review
– Best approach to take while answering questions
– Q & A

SESSION 3 (April 8, 2017)

Practicum ( Using Equipment Available )
– Demonstrate your understanding of Lumia Science concepts
– Using Lumia Science Techniques
– Using color filters

Role Play With Suggested Scenarios
– I will be your "client" describing my "issues" and looking for your suggested
– You could have a friend there to pretend to be your client for demonstration
– You could use your body to demonstrate the color and light application

Training Overview
– Going over covered material
– Suggested reading and helpful links
– Last minute Q & A


Then you will be ready to complete and submit the certification test.

Your score will be sent to you upon careful test review.  You will receive your
Lumia Science Techniques Specialist Certificate if your score is 90 – 100

Additional/Advanced Coaching is available as needed @ $195 / 1 hour session.


Please purchase your registration online prior to the date of the first session to receive access
to the classroom.

If you have a need to discuss any technical details or wish to register over the
phone, please contact us directly (800) 553-5554

Highest regards!

Zhanna Osminina
Director of Lumia Training

1 review for Lumia Therapy Techniques Specialist Training

  1. Hi my name is Florina, I have worked in Europe for more than 5 years with color therapy among others therapies: reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure etc. My question is: I still need to do the school in order to receive the certificate?
    Thank you, Rina

    • Hi Rina:

      Sorry about the delay in responding. First, you can write to me directly at The certificate that you can receive from the training is for your benefit. Generally speaking the certificate ensures, to your clients, that you have the proper credentials and knowledge to apply Lumia Therapy. Having a certificate from Lumia Science sends a message that you have a solid company behind you.

      The training is done over a 3 week period on SKYPE, so you don’t have to travel anywhere. In addition, the training is tailored towards your needs. I see by your email that you are highly knowledgeable, however, we can offer specific trainings with Bioptron techniques and uses. You will also receive our 36 page manual that we use to compliment the training. Lastly, you can then offer Lumia Therapy to your clients.

      Let us know if this will be of value to you.

      Brett Lazarus
      Lumia Science

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