* Lumia Therapy Manual – Ver. 30 *


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  • 18 years collecting color and light therapy data

  • How to apply Lumia Therapy

  • 36 Pages of universally accepted and applied therapy



Lumia Therapy is a fusion of light and color therapies. It is a safe and effective new form of energy healing. Lumia Therapy combines holistic healing principles with cutting edge technology to safely deliver amazing healing power of color vibrations at the speed of light.

Lumia Therapy utilizes various color frequencies of polarized light to balance the energy levels in the body. The frequencies of light are controlled by color filters.

Each color of the spectrum has a unique vibration. Our bodies are made to process these vibrations as bio-information that is vital to our ability to heal ourselves. Lumia Therapy can be used to treat many conditions and also to prevent possible illness.

Lumia Therapy is non-invasive and it has no side effects!